Now Available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux!

Inspired by the Arcade Classic Asteroids.

Shoot asteroids for points and to mine Star Crystals. Grabbing Star Crystals will increase your score multiplier by 1. Crashing into asteroids will reset your score multiplier to x1.

Crashes will lower your Hull Integrity. If it drops to 0% you ship will blow up and it's Game Over.

Everything you do uses some amount of energy. Firing Thrusters, Shooting your Blaster, using your shields, Jumping to Hyperspace, will use Energy from your reserves. If your ship's Energy drops to 0% you won't be able to control it and you will crash. Your Energy will slowly recharge if you don't perform an action that uses energy.


  • Left/Right Arrow Keys - Rotate Ship
  • Up Arrow Key - Thrusters
  • Down Arrow Key - Shields
  • 'F' Key - Fires Blasters
  • Spacebar - Hyperspace Jump - DANGEROUS, you never know where you'll end up!

Good Luck & Have Fun! 


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