NEW Monsters! 10th Anniversary Edition

We've uploaded a new update for Monsters! to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the game's original release. We thought it would be fun to not only update the engine but also add a bit more polish to the game. The new edition plays similarly from the original version of the game but with some new challenges and surprises.  We also made the game FREE for everyone!

Here's a list of the changes in this new version:

  • NEW Level Difficulty Curve - There are now 35 unique levels of Monsters! to fight through.
  • NEW Monster Behaviors - A complete rework of Monster behaviors and some new ones added into the mix.
  • NEW "Remastered" Sprites - Monsters now come in a variety of vibrant pixelated colors!
  • NEW Particle Effects - More Juice!
  • NEW HUD Animations - Dragons go ROAR!
  • Updated Unity Engine - Support for 64bit Systems and Apple Silicon.

Still in the works but coming soon:

  • New Chip Tune Soundtrack
  • New Promo Art for Stores

Additionally there will be new versions for Steam (PC and Steamdeck) and the Apple Store (MacOS, iOS, and AppleTV) being released in the next month.


Monsters 10th Anniversary Edition - Linux 100 MB
66 days ago
Monsters 10th Anniversary Edition - Windows 102 MB
66 days ago
Monsters 10th Anniversary Edition - MacOS 111 MB
66 days ago

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