We are excited to begin sharing development progress builds for Strange Stars. Stay tuned to this space for regular updates about the state of the game, what we are working on, and some did bits on our game design and development process.


We have been working on Strange Stars since the beginning of 2021 but the full picture of what the game would become didn’t fully swing into full gear until June and July of that year.


Inspired by games such as Metal Slug, Cup Head, and the old Flash classic Alien Hominid, we eventually settled on a Run & Gun style game with a twist. Each run though a level will provide players with a unique configuration of game play challenges and unique opportunities for obtaining a high score.


Additionally, we have been working with an art aesthetic concept that reminisces back to the days of early 2000s afternoon cartoons and comic books of the era. You should see some inspirations from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Camp Lazlo with a dash of Class of 3000, Samurai Jack, Fairly Odd Parents, and Danny Phantom.


StrangeStars_Windows_Alpha2.2.zip 47 MB
StrangeStars_MacOS_Alpha2.2.zip 47 MB
StrangeStars_Linux_Alpha2.2.zip 49 MB

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